The overall objective of this project concerns an explorative study of the indoor air quality in buildings (residences and schools), that have been subjected to energy-efficient renovations, including measures to improve the indoor environment. One specific part of the project aims at assessing the impact of air filtration on the indoor environment in schools. This study is being coordinated by VITO, under the authority of the Environment and Health Division of the Environment, Nature and Energy Department and the Flemish Environmental Agency.

Results and conclusions of this research will lead to tragetted policy recommendations on energy-efficient renovations and air filtration. Therefore, the cases studied in this project will be selected in such a way that the outcomes of this study on a relatively small scale, can be extrapolated to the rest of Flanders. Selected sites will be representative for current and future trends of the Flemish building stock. For the execution of the air filtration part of the study, a maximum agreement with JOAQUIN objectives will be respected, because of its integration in this study.

Renov-air consists of two sub-tasks:

  1. An overall study, on the indoor environment after the execution of energy-saving building renovations (or remedial measures to enhance the indoor environment), in the following referred to as ‘Renovations’.
  2. A side study, that focuses on the assessment of the influence of air filtration on the indoor environment of schools, in the following referred to as ‘Air filtration’.